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New Home at The Case of the Curious Bride

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We are happy to report here at Ivory Tuesday that we are settling nicely into our new home, in the new quirky bridal boutique in Sale – The Case of the Curious Bride.  We are beavering away in our stylish surroundings and thoroughly enjoying meeting brides in person on a daily basis.

If you are thinking about ordering a bridal headband from us or want something with a vintage edge for your wedding and you live in the Manchester area pop in and have a try on.  We’d be happy to advise if needed or alternatively just let you get on with it if that is what you prefer.

There are new designs in the pipeline to co-ordinate especially with the dresses from Erica Stacey and Johanna Hehir that are stocked within the shop.  We are also now offering a bespoke veil-making service so you can get exactly the look you want from your wedding day ensemble.

We welcome ‘moochers’ and ‘perusers’ in to the boutique so come and have a look.

See you there!

Melanie. x

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone.

It seems that the wedding season is really starting to take flight. Orders for bridal headbands and vintage bespoke combs seem to be popular so far. If your wedding is this spring please get your orders in quick so we can make sure you get them in time.

If you are in the final stages of planning your wedding have a look at the vintage wedding jewellry we have, ‘something old’ might just catch your eye and complete that all important outfit. If you are just starting the planning then might I recommend for your photography needs and remember to look out for our sister wedding dress boutique ‘The Case of the Curious Bride’ opening at the end of February in South Manchester.

Next week we’ll be bringing you pictures of one of our beautiful brides, Beverly. Until then if you have snow I hope you have fun in it rather than getting stuck in it.


Ivory Tuesday. x

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Happy New Year!

Ableit a little late I admit.

There are some exciting things afoot for Ivory Tuesday this year as we will be moving into an actual shop.  Yes;  that’s right, a shop you can visit and try-on bridal headwear designs before you choose.  We will become one with our sister business ‘ The Case of the Curious Bride’.  The Curious Bride is going to be a Bridal Boutique with a difference.  Based in south Manchester and aimed at women with individual style, it will absolutely not be stocking many versions of the same old dress that seem to be available in the thousands.  Stocking designs from the Mae collection by Johanna Hehir and local talent Erica Stacey and their own budget label ‘White Threads’.  The Case of the Curious Bride will also have a collection of vintage Bridal Gowns and many accessories from Ivory Tuesday plus a smorgesbord of all things bridal and related.  Some suppliers are still to be announced.

The opening date is set for the end of February 2013.  Watch this space for further updates.

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Brides Up North Christmas Soiree

Hello all.

I must announce I am feeling rather Christmasssy now that I have attended two (yes, two) official Chrsitmas ‘do’s’ in the last week.  The first one involved fancy dress and I shall not report too much on the evening suffice to say ‘There’s no place like home’ once you’ve had a couple of tipples.  I did win a prize though.

Anyhoo I digress.  I am here to report  on the wonderous and most handsome affair that was the Brides Up North Christmas bash to celebrate the opening of Thorpe Perrow Arboretum as a Wedding Venue for next year   I can finally now say ‘Arboretum’ after much practice.  This whole affair was organised by the wonderful Julia Braimes (Brides Up North’s blogger/Director extrodinaire)  and boy, did she do a super job.  It was beautiful, I’m pleased I wore Velvet – it felt in-keeping with the luxury of the place.

Thorpe Perrow is situated on the outskirts of the cute and quaint town of Bedale in North Yorkshire and driving up to the front of the house is an experience in itself.  It’s grandure raditates out, into the grounds and it looks like it’s always been there.  Once inside the elegance overtakes your vision, you may vaguely notice the worn feel to the rugs and wall coverings but decided it only adds to the wistful and majestic charm of the place and reassures you of it’s age.  It is an elegant but realistic building in which, I learned the family still reside and from what I could tell live a happy and busy family life and business.

The drinks were kept topped-up by attentive staff, the nibbles were devine and very welcome (especially the mini fish and chips).  The decorative arrangements surely had fairytale magic in them I was enchanted by one with hanging apples.  The music was pitched perfectly to suit the affair and was provided by the lovely Matt and Annabel at  and Wedding Crooner – Glen Roughead I wish I had danced.

The men’s toilets were a talking point, containing various mounted animal heads looking down on you.  I feel I must hasten to add at this point that I absolutely did not see anything other than said taxidermic animals in the toilets!

It was lovely to talk to Julia and her Husband on the night.  Julia looking radiant and blooming had sensibly taken three pairs of shoes of differing height and was on the second pair when we started talking and went on to the third by the end of the conversation.  I was mildly aware that Julia was sober at this point and I was not entirely so, I’m hoping my slight squiffiness did not mean I talked manure!

Along with my friend and business partner, Jane we had a wonderful night with wonderful people

So to sum-up….if you are ever considering going to something that Julia has organised think not twice, get your gladrags on and get out the door for it will surely be a fine affair.

If you are interested in having your wedding at Thorpe Perrow here is a link to the organisers

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Jennifer’s Bridal Comb

Jennifer came to me with less than a month left until her wedding saying she couldn’t find the right comb design for her hair but knew she liked 1920’s styling.  We ended up making a small, bendable version of the ‘Grace’ headband and putting it on a comb base.  I think you will agree that Jennifer looks stunning alongside her Husband on these photos….Graceful, elegant and stylish…what more could a girl want on her wedding day?

Credit for the second photo goes to Christina Brosnan

Jennifer said :

“Thank you so much for my lovely bespoke hair accessory. It was just what I had been looking for and you were very accommodating. I would definitely recommend Ivory Tuesday.”
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